Good Morning Birmingham

By | October 6, 2007

The image you see is the view from our window last night. Not the normal view, no that would inclued one edge of a National Park, a couple of villages and some occasionally troublesome sheep. The picture you see is from our hotel room, 17 stories up.

Don’t get excited we haven’t got married on the quiet. 😛 We came to Birmingham for a little event that’s run down here.

Why? Well it’s the first break (away from home) we’ve had in years. We splurged a bit on the hotel, hence the swanky city-centre location, but we deserve it because calling it a break is a bit misleading. Were absolutely knackered from spend a fair chunk of yesterday gathering news for our new adult website.

More about that, and the news stories to come later today and over the coming weeks.

Until then, time for breakfast 😉