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By | October 19, 2007

OK, to business.

Our RSS feed went a bit screwy recently, providing the wrong feed when you requested feed discovery in your browser. With the help of the nice people at I fixed that today. Unfortunately, during the process of fixing the feed I deleted our Feedburner account so although it’s now reinstated you may have trouble with our RSS feed. You’ll need to re-acquire if you’re feed has stopped working.

Huge thanks to Erotic Couple for pointing out the problem in the first place.

AlexSuze Sex Toy ReviewsSuze has been busy creating a new sidebar button for the Sex Toy Reviews blog. It’s over on the left. The code to use it is in the text box on the sidebar of the Sex Toy Review blog itself. I can’t embed copyable links in the posts here as WordPress tries to be helpful and reformats them, breaking them in the process.

The same thing happened when we launched our new site I placed a nice link in the post, which I had tested before, then found out WordPress had thoroughly rogered it. The link code for is in the text box at the top of our left sidebar if you’d like to use it.

On the subject of, if you have any stories from the adult blog world, news, products, quality sites or anything else a little out of the ordinary, email us with the details and we’ll feature it.

… and so to bed … I wish. Lots to do, Clarissa to finish off, a new feature at to write and much, much more.

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