Original Porn – Where Are You?

By | November 6, 2007

Or should the question be “Is there or was there ever any innovative porn?”.

Granted pornography does encompass only one part of the human condition. One aspect of what it is to be human. But does it have to be so limited? Take a look at commercial porn sites, go on, you know you want to! Most of them are as far removed from most people’s real life sexual experiences as it’s possible to be.

In porn, all girls do oral, all girls do anal, all girls like to be spit roast, all girls like a slap from time to time, all girls love to suck your cock after it’s been up their ass. All girls dress in ridiculous clothing/shoes and moan appreciatively from the multiple orgasms they achieve as soon a man walks into the room.

Hang on, I may be jumping to conclusions here but according to the last paragraph all girls are dirty whores/sluts/skanks who like nothing better than to act out whatever fantasy a man wants. Preferably a man who they’ve only just met and whose idea of foreplay is to take off what little clothing the girl has on. Or it could be that even in this enlightened new millennium porn is still male oriented. Surely not!

OK, I admit it, I watch porn. But when I watch porn I recognise it as such. I don’t expect Suze to act like a wanton whore just for my gratification. From time to time she does, and that is her decision. She does what she does in bed because it turns her on. That could be as simple as indicating she wants a sensual massage, cuddling, sex, oral, dressing up or role play. Lately we’ve even ventured into anal sex. Whatever happens it’s because we are both enjoying it, not just one of us.

Porn is limited in its scope and quite honestly can often be dull because of it. It’s handy as a naughty accompaniment for couples’ intimate evenings from time to time, and invaluable if you’re on your own for those moments when you want to indulge your masturbatory urges to the full. Sadly this dullness is compounded by the belief of many porn producers in Europe and the US that they should produce the same movie over and over again. They just use different girls. No script, no unusual scenarios, no eroticism, just strip fuck, tick all the boxes and done.

What boxes should be ticked? Well oral sex for a start, but only the woman giving the guy attention. Cunnilingus seems to be frowned upon. Various positions, of varying degrees of discomfort for the female involved. Anal, got to have anal, hard and fast anal usually with no preparation, douching or lube apparent.

To finish? Why cum on her face of course, girls all love that don’t they? The plop, plop of semen from his cock on her face as he frantically wanks himself to orgasm. Not surprising he needs to pump his cock, he’ll have been up for hours during the shoot and his poor dick will have forgotten what it got hard for in the first place. And keep your eyes shut, semen stings!

The problem I have with pornography at the moment is that, partly because of the Internet, porn seems to be taken as some sort of sex manual. If you can’t keep hard for hours like a porn star, or as a girl you will not do anal or insert a bottle in your pussy then you must be dysfunctional?

The problem is reinforced by Splogs (Spam Blogs) thousands of them. Some are obviously just lists of affiliate links aimed at making the talentless creator cash by subscribing to one of the host of porn site affiliate programmes out there. Others do actually write content, though it’s pretty basic stuff. “Oooh I’m a lonely college girl who’d like you to call me and talk dirty on my premium rate number …” “I’m a bore housewife and I’d like to MSN with you for sexual kicks, I’ve even taken lovers before … people I’ve met online.” If you’re taken in by such crap lines you deserve all you get.

Fundamentally they are all the same. The same pictures published over and over again. The same scenarios. The same outcome. More and more sites pushing the same content believing they are the ones who will make big bucks.

It’s almost unheard of that you see new ideas out there. I can’t remember the last time I saw any real innovative porn. Sometimes an erotic artist or writer will deliver something that makes me take notice but it’s rare.

Porn sites are not sex manuals, and they are not real life sex. At AlexSuze we differentiate between our real life blog entries and our fiction. We don’t try to sucker in readers by changing our writing because we noticed that “blow jobs are big this month”. A good example is anal. We’re taking the first steps as far as anal sex is concerned but if we really wanted to exploit it we’d be telling you how we do anal every night and “I slam it in good and hard”.

Give me a break.

Porn has its place and that place is not to shape real life or the way we write about our lives/sex lives.

For the curious amongst you why Betty Boo? You’ll be whistling it for hours mahahaha!

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