Fucking The Teacher

By | January 31, 2010

Lucy PinderWhen I fucked the teacher … Apologies to Abba for that one. When I was at school my O-Level biology teacher was female. Boy was she female. I would fantasise about her quite regularly. The big joke was of course that we were looking forward to her giving the sex-ed practical. Alas it never cam eto pass, for some reason LOL.

Suffice to say that my school biology teacher was the sort of fresh-out-of-college dark haired and nicely curvy woman that made the perfect masturbation fantasy.

I mention her because I was just in the shower and she popped inot my head. No, not because I was cracking one off, but it occurred to me that while there are certain educational establishments across the world that offer courses in sexology and similar subject I’ve never seen one that offers a degree in adult.

Porn and the adult industry in general is just as valid an occupation as any other. You can get a qualification in “Tourism Management” or “Hospitality”, why not a degree in “Sex Toys” or “Adult Industry Studies”?

There’s an increasing demand for adult material, films and shall we say, personal products. Like all industries you need to know that the people you’re employing know what they’re talking about and meet certain standards.

Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, you know it makes sense, put it in the curriculum today.