Booze And Balls

By | November 18, 2007

Well we both had a fun filled Saturday with little nephew and were more than glad to hand him over on Saturday evening to his parents. They weren’t quite so happy to receive him back. Lol. No, he is a good boy but very demanding or both your time and energy.

So, when we got back home we caught up with some of you bloggers out there and opened a bottle of red. Having little nephew over the weekend must have injected some Christmas spirit in to me because until his visit I had made no plans, shopping lists or even checked if we had any cards in stock from last year.

After a few glasses I decided to check out some online stores and sites to see what I could find for presents. I can’t recall ever doing my Christmas shopping when slightly tiddly but it is so easy to do it when you are sitting right at your computer and not such a good idea the day after when you realise what you committed to purchasing the night before.

I found a site which sold Space Hoppers, I must have been inspired by the E-Z Rider Rocker sex toy I reviewed a few weeks ago. You’ll never guess what I did…I only went and ordered the family pack for little nephew and his parents to use. 🙂 I’m not sure if they will love them or think I have gone completely off my trolley.

Warning! Never shop online when you have had one too many.

Now where is the Alka Seltzer. 🙂