Give It, Take It, Fucking Around

By | February 15, 2010

I ran this post about the “gay hanky code” a while ago but it’s worth another airing as I believe the hanky code is dieing out.

Some years ago I was informed that which ear you wore your earring in indicated your sexuality. But I have no idea now which way round they should be. So for all I know there could be lots of ladies thinking I’m lesbian. Come to think of it how good would that be? Note to self: check out which side I should be wearing my earring to attract the ladies. Whoops, there I go again.

You’re probably all shouting at me now, that you already were aware of this. In which case I’m sorry it took me a while to catch up but bear with me. I particularly like the Lime Green code, perhaps coupled with the Grey Flannel code. Check out this site and study your hanky code now .

These codes were apparently adopted for use in noisy bars and clubs. The idea being that you can visualise a person’s preference with no margin for error. Verbal communication in such an environment could possibly lead to all sorts of mix-ups.

It does rather simplify the whole pick up procedure. You don’t need to ask those embarrassing questions of your partner, the answers are there for all to see. Perhaps the heterosexual world could take a leaf out of this book. The only problem I can foresee with this method of sexual preference communication is not having enough pockets to contain your hankies. LOL.

You may have 20 different hankies and only 2 pockets. Ahhh, what a dilemma. I can just see it now. Me standing there pulling hanky after hanky out of my pocket, just like a magician. A naughty thought just occurred to me. How about having a little fun, instead of giving your uncle Sam a boring white monogrammed hanky next birthday…