Eau De Cunt ;)

By | February 24, 2010

I’ve started going back to gym this week in earnest.  I’d just started to get going with it again when Alex’s car died and he had to use mine but I’m now back on the road and raring to go.

Mid morning is the best time to go because the pre work guys have gone and the only people in there are the older generation, housewives and young girls who are probably at college.

I’m working myself back in to it slowly, usually starting with rowing.  I love the rowing machines but unfortunately so do the guys.  The smelly guys who don’t know what antiperspirant is.  Enough said.  There I was getting in to my stride when a middle aged guy gets on the machine next to me.  Within seconds of him pulling away his aroma was filling the air.

It wasn’t pleasant and I was stuck there trying to finish my time and choking at the same time.  That’s the thing about using the equipment, once you start you have to finish and you can’t get out of the way of the smelly people.  I always make sure I smell sweet from top to bottom before I go.  😉

Next time I go I’ll have to take one of those solid air fresheners.  lol