Unexpected Spanking

By | December 7, 2007

AlexSuze.comIf you read my early morning postings from the start of this week you’ll know that my coffee break has been a time of reflection. Some might say a little morose at times. I’ll not argue with that. But I finally worked out why. Every morning I drive to work in the dark and sit in a windowless office. The client I am working for has me buried in the heart of the building. Each evening I drive home, in the dark, and don’t see the light of day unless I pop out for a sandwich at lunch. Even then the winter sunshine is hit and miss, this is England after all.

So I suppose at least part of my problem is SAD. I didn’t used to suffer from the condition but now I think it really is affecting me.

That said life is not all bad, because as I sit here drinking the coffee that seems to become more unpalatable by the day I am actually smiling.


Because I had a flash-back to last night. I was in bed with Suze, rubbing her back (she has an office job too and her back often needs a good rub) and something odd happened. Her buttocks where exposed, the duvet resting on her upper thighs. She has nice buttocks, no, lovely, gorgeous buttocks.

My hand drifted down from its massaging of her back to rest on one cheek. I squeezed, she mmmed her appreciation. I squoze the other one and she enjoyed that just as much. Then I raised my hand and spanked each buttock once, lightly, barely more than a tap, but enough to make her take notice. She moaned again, louder. I spanked her slightly harder. I spanked and she moaned, each blow and subsequent moan slightly more intense than the last until I stopped, just short of a good hard slap.

It relaxed her (she’d had a fun day at work) and that surprised me. We’ve experimented with spanking, a little gentle flogging with the rubber whip we have, but I’ve never been able to solicit a response like that before, both calming her and arousing her at the same time. I’ve spanked Suze during sex (that can be awkward depending on the position) but that has been in the heat of passion and totally different in nature.

Interesting isn’t it. Totally unexpected and laden with possibilities. We’ll have to experiment more and see where this takes us.

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