I Want Your Wife

By | December 13, 2007

AlexSuze.comToday the girls in the office and I had a Christmas treat. We were invited out to lunch by one of our suppliers. I personally liase with this husband and wife team on a daily basis and had never met up with them until today.

When they both arrived and walked in to the office I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. For the woman was not only very attractive but we have spoken many times on the telephone and she appeared to have a very similar disposition to myself. Being both a fun person and at times a little saucy with the innuendo we partake in.

The husband seemed very nice too but not my type…however his wife was another thing entirely. 😉 We all crammed in to the compact car and drove to the restaurant. On arrival we were shown to our table and guess who made sure they sat next to the cute brunette. In fact her husband insisted that I sit next to her while he sat on the end of the table.

We made our selections from the menu and ordered a couple of bottles of good red. This loosened everyone up a little and her vivacious personality shone as she began to tell us amusing stories and give us an insight in to her relationship with her husband and life in general.

As I found out more and more about her she grew on me. And as the wine hit the spot she was getting very close to me too, occasionally touching my arm and leaning in to me. And best of all when she was eating a mince pie after the meal, she managed to get icing sugar on my left breast.

I have no idea how she achieved this but I didn’t complain when she brushed it off with a serviette. The girls from the office were sat opposite and joked about it, so I joined them and said I didn’t mind and she could do it again as I was quite enjoying it.

We really were getting on well and she promised to come over to see us all during the summer for a night out. I must say I will look forward to that. 😉

Her husband revealed that she can be a bit of an exhibitionist in that she lifts her top and flashes her boobs when the mood takes her. I suddenly felt the urge to top up her glass from the bottle in front of me.

I found myself totally entranced by this woman, it’s a long time since a girl (excluding busty in the office) has captivated me in this way. I’m not sure if I gave myself away as I was looking at her quite a lot. I suppose not…I’m just being paranoid. After all girls can get away with things like that…can’t they?

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