Enhancing Orgasms

By | March 22, 2010

Fanny ShotThis is a prime example of just how ridiculously sensitive the British have become to sex and sexuality since the controversial broadcasting of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross’ Sachsgate. Oh yes, and what exactly happened to the shy and retiring Georgina Baillie?

It seems that everytime anyone mentions anything remotely naughty that some old dear has her finger poised ready to call up someone to complain, even if they hadn’t seen it until they heard about it. You may laugh but that is exactly what happened in the Sachsgate scandal.

This time round it’s good old Durex who have been upsetting people. An advertisement for Durex Play O Gel which I believe is a clitoral stimulating gel was aired before 11pm which was the slot it had been cleared for.

I’m not sure which advert they ran but I think it could be the one at the top of this post because references were made to the women appearing to experience sexual ecstasy in the article I read.

Now you may be thinking that this add is a little close to the mark but you should be aware that this advertisement ran between Gordon Ramsay’s F Word. Is it just me, or are you thinking the same that, if you are capable of enduring Gordon’s teraide of swearing during his program then a few clips of girls enjoying sex isn’t going to scar you for life now is it? Lol

Needless to say the Advertising Standards Authority rejected the complaints saying “we consider that this ad was not overtly graphic, contained no explicit material and was unlikely to cause offence, provided it was scheduled appropriately”.

Good for them! Someone has to make a stand for the people of the 21st century.