How To Bring Out The Whore In Me

By | December 27, 2007

I ordered this online thinking it would be a nice cooling and relaxing massage oil, little did I realise its power. Think Pink Cooling Massage Oil is contained in a very pretty pink themed 8.5fl oz bottle topped with a pink metallic cap. The essence/flavour is labelled as Frosty Peppermint Schnapps.

The reason I mentioned flavour is because rather unusually this massage oil can be eaten but be careful as the base is castor oil and it may make you a little loose should you ingest too much. Or alternatively your fella could shag the shit out of you. Lol I can be so crude sometimes.

Alex kneeled to the side of me and asked me to roll on to my tummy. I complied after removing my blue night shirt. Now naked I lay prostate before him. He opened the bottle and slowly drizzled the cool fluid on to my back. At first I jumped and shuddered as the oil made first contact with my warm flesh.

Then I felt the first tingle. My back was cool but tingly at the same time and the air around was filled with a lovely subtle peppermint essence. Alex began to work the oil in to my muscles around my lower back and I began to grind my pubis in to the bed with each stroke.

I turned slightly, on to my right side and asked Alex to move a little further up the bed. My mouth sought something tasty. Alex’s groin was now level with my mouth and I leant forward opening my mouth ready to accept him. Alex smiled and expressed his joy as I took his cock in my mouth.

He continued to massage my muscles despite my attentions on his hard cock distracting him. Every now and then he would give in to his urges and replace his moulding of muscle with a thrust from his groin. He went a little too deep the first time and I gagged as he hit the back of my throat. My eyes still watering, I began to give him head.

Alex continued his soothing massage and I took a firm grip on his cock with my lips and tongue. Working his foreskin back and forth with each stroke. I could now feel his hands bracing the nape of my neck as I continued my assault upon his erection. My pussy was responding, becoming moist between my legs.

The minty aroma now filled the air and my back was tingling like shards of ice had fallen upon it. Alex has now all but abandoned the massage session, he was finding it difficult to reach me as I was now up on my right elbow sucking like a hungry whore on his manhood.

He began to thrust gently in to my mouth once again and I took a hold of his balls in my left hand giving them a firm careful tug. Alex gasped with the attention his erection was now receiving. I increased the speed of my ministrations and Alex tightened his buttocks, pointing his cock even deeper down my throat.

He hit my throat again but this time I managed to work through it with watering eyes. I was getting off on this myself and didn’t want to break the rhythm. I rant my tongue firmly down the back of his cock, rubbing his frenulum and that was what did it.

“Suze, I’m going to come!”, Alex whispered through heavy breaths. I continued with even more vigour, I wanted him to come inside my mouth. It’s not something we do all the time but I was so horny I just wanted to taste him. A couple of bucks later he was firing his seed into my mouth.

I pulled back slightly, from experience I know that it can make you cough if it hits your throat. Then he came in short bursts, coating my tongue with the musky opalescent fluid. The musky taste filled my mouth, I could smell him, taste him. I was so turned on that my own thighs were now glistening with my juices.

The last of his seed drained Alex collapsed next to me on the bed. Now there was the small matter of me to take care of…