The Elements Of a Spanking

By | December 30, 2007

AlexSuze.comIf you have been a regular reader you will know that despite spanking not being a major part of our lives there have been occasion when we have dabbled. Even then the moments have been widely separated and fleeting. The urge to be spanked or administer a slap to an exposed rump often occurring during sex, or at least the heat of passion and a single blow from a flat palm and fingers enough to sate the need.

So, we are not people for whom spanking is a required or ever-present part of our lovemaking.

Spanking for us is not foreplay. The longest duration I can remember of any spanking from start to finish must be well under a minute and probably no more than thirty seconds. It’s impromptu and spontaneous, unplanned and surprising when it occurs. So what place does spanking inhabit in our relationship.

For me, spanking Suze’s behind is about the sensation in my hand, the reaction from Suze, the feel of her buttock under my palm, the developing impression a slap leaves behind. It’s not about imparting discipline or indeed instilling a state of mind in Suze, other than forming part of my subtle dominance of her. Or expressing it, I suppose, as a token gesture of authoritative discipline.

I don’t overtly dominate Suze in our everyday lives and I like to think of myself as a considerate lover. It tends to be in the heat of passion that I express myself forcefully. When the blood is coursing through my veins, then I might hold her down, or grab at her with a grip that is unmoderated and occasionally bruising. It’s at times like that my orgasm is expressed vocally, often in animal-like ululations.

It’s during the build up to moments like that, just before the animal takes hold that I’m most likely to feel the urge to slap Suze’s beautiful backside. I suppose you could therefore say that it’s the first expression of the beast as it breaks free from its confines.

Some days that beast can be very close to the surface, other times it’s deeply concealed below the acceptable behaviour that society imposes on us all.

Now that’s not to say that the beast is cruel. I personally think that the only truly cruel animal is homo sapiens. To be cruel requires empathy and only higher animals display empathy. A wolf defends itself, kills for food and aims to breed to ensure its genetic line continues. During its life in attempting to fulfil those aims it fights, hunts and kills other creatures. That in itself is not cruel, it is a necessary consequence of life. The wolf for example has instinct to protect its young, but not the young of other species, or even other packs.

Humans on the other hand have and still do fight, kill and maim each other not for survival, but ideology, malice and greed. We, the most intelligent of animals and those with the most empathy are the only species that inflict pain for reasons other than survival. That is cruel, evil and shameful.

No the beast I am talking about is the one that appears when the higher brain, the intellect, the part of us that holds us back (well can hold me back anyway) and prevents us from expressing ourselves in the most honest and animal way. It is not partial, has no pejudice, knows no boundaries and can turn from howling, straining, bucking animal as I cum to tender, caressing, loving nest-mate a moment later.

Hmm. I’ll have to return to this. It started out about the sensations of spanking and ended up somewhere else. Nice to know I’m still learning about myself.

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