How To Capture The Real Suze

By | January 5, 2008

AlexSuze, SuzeOn Christmas Eve I made a plea to all my readers as they know me so well by now, well most do. 😉 I asked them to help me write a profile for this page, one which sums up the Suze they have come to know over the past, almost three years.

I felt this was the best way to get an honest appraisal of what makes me…well, Me! They know me, they read about me and what makes me tick every day. So who better for the job than you the fellow readers. 😉

I was particularly taken with the entry from Froggy, one of my most ardent readers. He sent me through the following:

Sensuality could have been my name.
I am passionate for Lust and deeply in love with my naughty soul mate.
Toned heroes and beautiful curves bring a sparkle to my eyes, and a tasty dew as my body awakes.
Dear reader, you will find here my secret joys for your pleasure.
Please feel free to comment, I need your feedback.
Make me content and I’ll blow a sensual purr in your ears.

Now, how about that. He manages to capture the inner Suze really well, what do you think?