Suze Likes To Give

By | January 7, 2008
I’m a generous girl and I like to let you in to our lives as much as possible, revealing every dirty detail along the way. That’s what this site is about, sexual discovery and adventure which we all take together. So when I write I think of you as I do so, to include you in every intimate detail.

Likewise if there are any changes to be made then I always consult you my readers about which option to take. Your input is all part of you being included as friends, lovers if you like. At times you even get to ask me questions, make suggestions or even contribute to the posts by submitting your own little bit of naughtiness for inclusion on the site.

I love the feeling of participation and I encourage it at every turn, after all what are we without our readers? You inspire, drive and at times get me so damn hot! 😉

So, here comes the big question and yes this does include all new readers, you don’t have to have a site or blog of your own. All are welcome to express their opinion.

Which header do you prefer to see on the site? The one currently up there at the top of the page or this new one I have just put together…of course both of them are me, no not images of other people but the real Suze.

Go on readers, here is your time to participate, let me know which one you prefer.