Suze, A Vibe, And A Double Penetration

By | January 22, 2008

AlexSuzeOMG, I felt so frisky last night as we sat and sipped at our glasses of red wine. Spending a day out with like minded people, I’ll rephrase that, Like minded naughty people just got my juices flowing and I felt horny all day.

We retired to the bedroom around 8pm me with the bottle of wine in my hand and Alex with his Lex Does Blondes DVD, he loves the girls in that. And I love Lexโ€ฆI bet you can’t guess why. ๐Ÿ˜‰

He placed it in the DVD drive whilst I stripped down to my white bra and panties. Just for those who like to know every detail, both the panties and bra were openly lacy, showing lots of pink flesh between the daisy pattern. I love the way my boobs sit in the bra like a wenches, forming over the top and the nipples are clearly visible if you line them up with the sheer pattern in the lace. It makes Alex drool.

I poured us both a glass of red and passed Alex’s over to him and he placed it firmly on his bedside cupboard. The DVD started to play and Alex selected play. I settled back on the bed and Alex placed his hand on my tummy.

Scene one is very arousing, I’ll just paint the picture for youโ€ฆit’s a FFM scene. One girl is laying on a table and the other is sat on a chair, both are playing with themselves but the really hot aspect of this scene is that the girl is laying on a glass table. So you can see clearly that both girls have their hands inside their panties.

Alex must have read my mind and he pushed his hand between my lace panties and my lower abdomen, then down over my mons. He was on his side facing me wearing his black lycra boxers. Oh, how I love the way they cling to his cock. No hiding the level of excitement reached by the wearer.

He was clearly visible, pressing up against the fabric. I rubbed the outside, rolling his cock from side to side, feeling him grow under my palm. His fingers slid between my moist lips and found my clit, swollen pink and very much ready to be played with. He started to rub his fingers over it in a sideways action. This was doing the trick and my fingers and toes started to tingle as they before I have a clitoral orgasm.

I pulled at the waistband of his boxers and lowered them over his cock careful not to trap him but speedily because I wanted to get to him. We moved around the bed until his groin was close to my face and I was pointing my cunt at him.

He hooked his fingers through the sides of my panties and started to pull them down over my thighs. I could feel the moisture from the gusset wetting my flesh as it passed over them. I flicked them over my feet and they landed on the floor somewhere at the bottom of the bed.

I took his hard cock in my hands and started to work it, slowly pulling back on the soft fleshy foreskin, revealing his hot pulsating head beneath. A drop of pre cum had formed on the end and I scooped it up on my finger and brought it to my mouth provocatively.

Alex was now rubbing my clit firmly and I could feel myself coming. I crossed my legs, squeezed my buttocks together and convulsed as I came. I lay motionless on the bed as I recovered from the rapture of my clitoral orgasm. Alex came to meet me and placed a kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes and smiled that familiar satisfied “I’ve just come” smile at him.

He was now kneeling at my side and his cock was so hard it was bouncing in front of him. Waiting for me.

I raised myself on to my knees and pointed my ass at him. He moved behind me and pushed against my pussy lips, moving from side to side until he found my wet hole. Without delay he pushed himself firmly inside me, almost dominantly as he hit my cervix with it’s tip. Ouch! I exclaimed. He pulled out almost to the tip and then plunged back in again.
It felt good, my senses heightened from the clitoral climax I had only moments before. My whole body now receptive and needy for him. He started to fuck me harder and faster, he took hold of a ponytail of my hair, pulling my head back slightly.

He was slamming in to me like a machine. I wanted more, I needed more. “Alex, can you reach the vibe?” I asked. We edged over to his side of the bed, him still firmly inside me. He retrieved the finger vibe from his drawer and the lube. His drawers are full of sex toys and various accompaniments just in case we should need them to hand.

Alex passed me the vibe and the lube. I placed my shoulders on to the pillow so that I could balance and use my hands to lube up the vibe. I squeezed a small blob of lube on to the tip as Alex continued to fuck me. It was quite a task. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I placed the bottle of lube on the bed and reached behind me to insert the vibe. Alex was fucking away at me and I was finding it hard at times to concentrate on what I was doing. I pushed Alex away from me a little to allow insertion of the vibe. I gently ran the vibe over my anus which was pouting and ready to be penetrated.

I began to slowly push the vibe inside my ass, expecting some resistance as I pushed but it was easy. My ass had opened enough to comfortably push it in right to the hilt. Then I turned the dial at the base and vibe started to buzz inside my colon.

Alex patiently waited until I was ready and then began to fuck me again. I felt warm, buzzy and full, a kind of comforting feeling overwhelmed me as he fucked away at my pussy. The vibe was sending ripples of pleasure through me and pushed gently against the wall of my pussy, increasing the fucking sensation as Alex rubbed against the tissue of my vaginal wall.

I felt both pleasured and dirty at the same time. It was the first time I pushed anything other than a finger inside my ass whilst being fucked and I felt a small sense of achievement and joy that I had tried this and liked it so much. The experience had worked for Alex too, he was fucking away like crazy and his dick felt incredibly big and hard.

The emotions were so strong that I almost asked Alex in the height of fucking to withdraw the vibe from my ass and fuck me up my ass. Sensibility took over , I’m new to anal and I need to take it slowly I’ve taken Alex before but I was feeling a little wild and didn’t want to hurt myself.

Alex was now moaning behind me and the vibe continued to ripple through me. I came and it felt like my whole body was taken over by the intensity of the orgasm. The vibe started to work it’s way back out of my ass and I carefully pushed it back in again, ensuring that I didn’t interfere with Alex’s rhythm.

He let loose an almighty roar and thrust deep into me, I lost my balance and banged my head against the headboard. I pushed back against him as he ripped in to me. His fingers were digging in to my buttocks as he tried to climb up my back in an attempt to crawl inside me.

We both collapsed on to the bed, whilst I did my best to avoid contact with the headboard again. Alex slipped off me to the side and I reached back and removed the vibe from my ass, turning it off as I did so.

That was one hell of a fuck and something we are going to have to try again.

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