Dirty Girls In The Afternoon

By | January 24, 2008

Moral in general around the office is quite low lately and it has been more and more apparent that we are feeling less guilty about engaging in non work related conversation. And I’m not going to complain, especially as it is focused around sex in one way or another.

Today we covered a multitude of things, the first being Busty claiming that size does matter and explaining why.

Apparently when she was a teenager she like most of the girls in her area were taken with a blonde guy who had rugged good looks and a throbbing piece of equipment. Ok, I mean a motorbike. Lol

She said one day he asked her out and she was over the moon and felt very smug at being asked out by the most desired guy around. They met up and one thing led to another and before long they were unzipping and getting down to a bit of partially dressed fucking down a quiet country lane.

Busty said “He put himself inside me and was obviously enjoying himself and I couldn’t even tell he was in”. She went on to add “I had to actually place my hands down there to check he was in me”. Needless to say after that tryst she never went out with him again.

This prompted the other girl in the office to say she once went out with a screamer. For one moment I thought she meant that she had been involved with another girl. But no, she said that one of the guys she fucked used to scream when he was coming and she had to try and cover his mouth if there were people within earshot.

It’s the first time I had heard of a guy screaming during sex!

In contrast to the guy who didn’t measure up for Busty, she went out with a guy who had a huge cock. She said that it was so big it hurt and bruised her if they got too amorous. The onslaught resulted in her getting lots of water infections and it became unpleasant for her to fuck him after a while. So, you can have too little of a good thing or too much and she had tried both. πŸ™‚

She also followed on with, “Men can sometimes have very bad cleanliness”. The other girl agreed and I had to comment that Alex is very thorough in his personal grooming. Then I heard myself saying it as if in slow motion…”and I shave him down there so that things stay nice and fresh!”. For a moment I thought it would prompt a strange look from them but they took it in their stride and said “Oh no, I prefer a well groomed one with a bit of hair”.

At that point Busty enlightened me on a time when she was with one of her boyfriends and he was a builder. He had been out on the building site working hard all day in the hot sun and gone back to their flat. As soon as he walked in he embraced her and carried her off to the bedroom.

She said, “he slipped out of his clothes and I started to make my way down to suck him and the smell nearly made me heave”…”I refused to do anything until he had a shower”.

This planted a seed of thought in my head. What unusual preparation do you undergo before sex, are there any strange practices you indulge in before letting your partner near you?

Personally I like to keep Alex well shaved so that his hair doesn’t get up my nose when I’m sucking him off. πŸ˜‰