A Perversion Too Far

By | February 13, 2008

AlexSuzeI was browsing a site last night, one that I’ve not visited for months, maybe years. The site name is unimportant, suffice to say that it showed promise when it was first created, but seems to have descended into a directionless muddle of unfocussed stories and articles. It can’t make its mind up if it’s a collection of stories, reviews or sex toy reviews.

We have tried to avoid the same problem by splitting off our reviews to here and our articles to here. Leaving our blog in its original location. AlexSuze is still the centre of our online presence, but each new addition now has its own online area.

When you have lots of ideas floating around inside your head it is a constant battle to ensure that you translate those often convoluted thought processes into something readable. Add to that the fact that there are two of us and multiply that by our interest in all areas of sexuality and you potentially have a monster in the making. I think we’re doing a reasonable job of keeping it on the rails.

Anyway, back to this other site. They seem to be struggling for ideas. They have never been a blog, but then again I can’t actually say what they have actually been. Now they appear to have run out of inspiration to such an extent that their “Resources” links section includes a link that we would never even consider entertaining; Zoo Fetish / Zoophilia.

Why the link exists on the site is beyond me. Who in their right mind would encourage that particular perversion? Or feel that it warranted inclusion on their site. Maybe they are deluded into thinking it’s “sex positive”. Well there’s being accepting of people’s sexuality and there’s accepting utter depravity without question.

I pride myself on my belief in freedom of expression in all things, but that crosses the line. I found myself just pulling a face in disbelief and disgust. Am I being a prude, closed-minded or naïve? Is this now a normal sexual preference? You’d have to come up with a pretty good argument to convince me of that.

Anyone considering sex with animals might want to read this. It makes grim reading.

On the other hand I wouldn’t recommend you read the zoophilia entry on Wikipedia as it’s littered with annotations indicating a large lack of citations. The article’s propensity towards the citation of figures indicating large sections of the human population want to, have or are still having sexual relations with animals also leads me to question its accuracy and impartiality.

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