Taking Control

By | February 15, 2008

Adult Blog HubThis story originally ran here.

Adult Blog Hub is a directory for all adult/sex bloggers and readers of those blogs. It has been in existence for almost two years and has undergone several redesigns taking it from simple post listing site to one incorporating sections for different genres and content mixtures. It also has a Top List section and news blog.

As of midnight last night the site is being operated by us, Alex and Suze. The original creators of Adult Blog Hub have withdrawn from the site completely because of increasing commitments outside the online world.

So where now for ABH? According to Alex & Suze:

“The site already has a new skin. We think it gives the place a fresher look. Not all of the site is converted to the new scheme and there are a few glitches which we’ll be working out over the coming weeks.

There are now new classifications for blogs. We have replaced the “Amateur” and “Pro” classifications with the following:

  • Journals – Erotic/Adult online journals
  • Creatives – For those bloggers whose online presence includes publishing in book, film or new media
  • Resources – References and forums for all adult interests
  • News & Information – News sites and information that are regularly updated
  • Aggregators – Sites consisting of content gleaned from other sources
  • Professional – Professional porn sites

We have already begun re-classifying blogs into more appropriate categories. There are several hundred members with thousands of posts to consider so please be patient.

The news blog, formerly part of the ABH site is now defunct and A-Rouse will be the official blog for announcements about ABH.

We already have new developments in the pipeline for the site. They will be announced and implemented over the next few weeks and months.”

If you have any queries or suggestions please continue to use the email address admin@adultbloghub.com, do not email A-Rouse.com or AlexSuze.com with questions about ABH.