The Sexual Tick List

By | February 19, 2008

I sat down at my PC last night and this thought sprang to mind. Just how many of my sexual desires and kinks have I fulfilled? You may not realise that you have your own personal tick list, in fact it didn’t really occur to me until then.

I’ve had female partners in the past (I wish I could find one now, I’m still looking πŸ˜‰ ) and the bisexual side of me has been allowed to run free. I’m not sure just how many girls want to get it on with another girl and never get the opportunity to or even have the courage to execute the act.

Or is the desire to be with another woman, for some just something they know that there partner would enjoy? Personally I love that facet to my personality and I would never deny it.

Another desire of mine was to have sex outdoors and I have done that many times with caution. πŸ˜‰ It all adds to the excitement, that possibility that someone may come along and you just have time to make yourself decent before they discover you.

Now one thing I haven’t done and would like to try is sex in a lift or elevator depending on how you say it. The only problem I can foresee is that most now carry CCTVs and I do not want to end up on YouTube. Lol Although my colleague admitted to indulging in this very activity the other day just before the phone rang, so I didn’t get chance to find out all the dirty details.

There is something very arousing about fucking at speed. No not you, whilst riding on something fast. Lol Not Eric Everhard either. In case you don’t know who he is, Eric is a porn star famous for…well, staying hard. He fucks like a jack hammer. I digress and smile to myself. πŸ™‚

Although I have done it on a train, if that counts as we were travelling at the time. And I’ve been fingered whilst travelling in the back of a sport car with an old boyfriend. Does that count?

I think one of the most popular entries on the tick list would have to be the shag on the boss’ desk. Now, I didn’t quite mange that one as it was covered with paperwork and I just didn’t have the time to clear it carefully in the heat of the moment.

So we opted for the floor behind his desk instead. This was with one of my work colleagues/secret boyfriend. The only time we could get together was at work when everyone had gone home because we were both living with our parents at the time. Work was warm, safe from prying eyes and had the facilities to clean up afterwards.

I recall on this particular evening when I was “working late”, we both felt the urge and I suggested fucking on the boss’ desk. He was only too willing to fuck me there or anywhere for that matter. Jesus he was horny. Anyway, his office was unlocked and we both went inside and closed the door behind us. Not that this made any difference because the front wall was made entirely of glass.

We both stripped naked to the waist, he was more than ready for it as I recall. I told you he was horny. πŸ˜‰ I lay on the floor and he leaned over me lavishing me in kisses and jostling wildly with my tongue. His cock was soon inside me and I had my legs up over his shoulders.

He fucked me wildly and I kept half an eye on the office area outside for any signs of unwanted interlopers. As he fucked harder and harder I was creeping along the floor. We both ended up close to one of the walls by the time he had filled me with his seed. And I didn’t realise until I stood up to dress that my back was badly friction burned.

I remember it being sore for a couple of weeks whilst the skin healed and trying not to let my mother catch sight of it. A small price to pay I suppose for a very erotic and clandestine fuck. Somehow you never look at your boss’ office the same after that, each time I had to speak to him I would be wearing a wry smile on my lips.
Another of my to do’s was to try anal and thanks to Alex and his patience, care and love that is now something else I can tick on my list. I never knew just how much I would enjoy having a hard cock inside my ass and I may never have had the confidence to try it if it wasn’t for him.

I’m currently toying with the idea of swinging, it’s one of those sexual trysts that I do want to try but at the same time I’m slightly frightened to dip my toes in the water. Both Alex and myself are on the whole so trusting and deeply in to each other I feel our relationship could possible lend itself to this experience.

If I don’t get the chance to try swinging I certainly have MMF waiting right there to check off. I have said this before but I would love to be spit roast by two guys.

Now all I have to say is “Any volunteers out there?”. πŸ˜‰

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