Bags Of Naughtiness

By | March 7, 2008, SuzeI was watching a work colleague take her sandwiches out of her bag and put them in the fridge this morning when it occurred to me.

What does how you pack you lunch say about you?

For example, does the neatly cling film wrapped sandwich reveal the BDSM side to you? The need for restriction and control. After all nothing is getting out of that tightly wrapped film. 😉 Then when lunchtime comes round you can have the pleasure of releasing your subject from its confines and devouring it, relishing every sensual bite in to that soft white…bread.

How about the ones who wrap there lunch in greasproof paper. Are they anti mess, everything has to be self contained. No tell tale marks. Perhaps likes to use condoms to avoid the spillage.

Does that mean the kinkiest of all wrap there’s in foil? No risk of leaks and also no giving away of content. Lunch is safely locked away in a visibly impenetrable sarcophagus of aluminium foil. Your colleagues will be guessing what you have between your bread for hours. Lol

Then there is the purpose made container, with provision for sandwich, fruit or chocolate bar and drink. This person like order in their lives, perhaps a bit of an OCD situation going on. Order and function being paramount.

Who would have known that the simple act of bringing your own lunch to work could spark my imagination in such a way.

But what about the bag you bring them to work in…

Horny uses a La Senza bag, will it be an Anne Summers one next? 😉

I might just listen to this again now, I’m in a cling film mood hehehe.