Two Girl Together – Part 1

By | September 6, 2010

Rock ChicksGraham started the night at a reasonable pace, a bottle of Newcastle Brown every hour, but by ten he had switched to double shots of Jack Daniels and by twelve the bottle was rarely out of his hand and the measures were half a glass at a time.

By two in the morning when the doormen were persuading the rowdy but on the whole good natured bikers to leave the club. Graham was slurring so badly that he resorted to hand gestures to indicate his good nights before grabbing a virgin bottle of JD and crawling upstairs to his flat and the comfort of his record collection.

Tina and Sky (real names Tracy and Sharon) mopped up the last beer spillages and put the towels on the pumps.

“He’s getting worse.” Tina observed.

“I like it. He used to get a bit touchy feely with me after closing. He only started asking you to put the place to bed with me when he realised he’s too pissed by chucking-out time to do much else than drag himself upstairs.” Replied Sky. “Done?” she asked, meaning the bar area?

“Yep just the games room now.” Nodded Tina.

“Bring a couple of bottles.” Suggested Sky lugging a fresh bucket of soapy water through to the games room.

They quickly wiped the spillages from the pool table, fruit machines and pinball tables. Then sat either side of the space invader table that hadn’t worked for five of the seven years it had been installed.

They talked about the evening, about the couple of fresh new faces in the bar and if they would … you know.

“No way!” laughed Tina, “The youngest one was probably 17 and acne doesn’t do it for me. Anyway, I preferred the girl he was with.”

Sky froze, half way through a gulp of Newcastle Brown. “Pardon.” She spluttered, feeling the bubbles hit the back of her throat and attempt to exit through her nose.

“She was cute. And did you see the way she filled those jeans?”

Sky waited for a moment. She was in unknown territory now. She looked Tina up and down. Her white T Shirt clung to her full breasts, her skin-tight stonewash denim jeans hugged her thighs and arse. She was every biker’s dream girl, great face with cherry red lips, a little too much blusher, huge hair, and a body that turned heads. And she liked women?

“Don’t look so shocked.” Said Tina flatly. She stopped for a moment. “You hadn’t noticed, had you?”

“Noticed what?” said Sky.

“Noticed that I fancy you.” Tina watched the words sink in, Sky’s face first a picture of shock then astonishment. “Oh shit, you didn’t did you. Look I’m sorry I don’t want to freak you out.”

“No, erm, no. It’s just that I’ve never had a girl speak to me like that.” Sky paused again for a moment, fixed Tina with a “And I like it.”

Tina stood up and walked round the table to Sky, her boots clomping on the wooden floor. She sat next to her. Sky felt the weight of Tina’s hand through her skirt and felt comforted by it.

“Like it or wanted it?” asked Tina.

“Wanted it but I didn’t think you’d be interested in me. I didn’t think you’d want me.” Replied Sky meekly, who thought of herself as a bit of a “plain-Jane”.

“Want you? I’ve been masturbating to the thought of having you since I started working here. I can usually tell if a girl’s up for it, whether she’s gay or just adventurous.” Tina smiled.

The thought of Tina contorted in her own bed, hand thrust between her legs masturbating over her sent a thrill of excitement through Sky. It was nothing compared with what came next.

Tina’s hand pushed inside Sky’s silk blouse and cupped a breast through her lacy bra. “Nice?”

“Yessss” Sky hissed and let her head roll back.

Sky felt the clasp of her bra unclipped a moment later, each breast then receiving a soft yet urgent squeeze, each nipple pinched and rolled between Tina’s fingers.

Tina’s lips pressed against Sky’s neck making her shudder. Sky could feel a moistness growing between her legs, a tingling in her pussy building expanding across her stomach. She wanted to reach down and play with her clit, rub it in the way that only she knew how. The way that so many boyfriends had failed to do … then she felt Tina’s fingers there, massaging her clit through her lace panties. It felt so good, being teased and massaged by a hand that understood what a woman really wanted.

Tina’s lips moved to Sky’s, the deft manipulation of her Sky’s sex grew more fervent. Sky’s stomach knotted and prepared for release, her back arched and she was there. A golden orgasm flowed across her oozing as slow as treacle coursing through her nerves as fast as lightening. The rolling cascade of her orgasm made Sky delirious with pleasure. Sky threw her head back and Tina plunged her fingers into Sky’s sopping pussy and lay there motionless just to feel the intensity of her arousal.

A minute that seemed like an hour passed before Sky opened her eyes and looked at Tina.

“Thank you” said Sky.

“Thank you” said Tina as Sky became aware of the familiar smell of intense female arousal rising from the humid crotch of Tina’s jeans. It was like her own yet subtly different and made the sexual animal inside her stir restlessly.

To be continued …