Dirty, Secret Addiction

By | March 16, 2008

I have a dirty, dirty secret addiction. It’s not something that most people talk about, but the number of people it affects is huge.

It’s not drink.

It’s not drugs.

It’s Springer!

Jerry Springer has crept up on me and ambushed me unawares. We watch it after a night’s work at the keyboard to unwind before slipping off to the land of nod.

Now I don’t care if the protagonists on Springer are real or actors (or members of the public slipped $50 to play-act for a night), what I know is that they have a strange attraction. I don’t really want to know if the guy slept with his sister or the woman had a threesome with two priests, I just want to watch the pantomime that is The Jerry Springer Show.

In my defence by the time I watch Springer it’s usually late and I’m whacked, so the little grey cells are pretty receptive to anything, but with hundreds of satellite channels to choose from we keep tuning in to Springer.

So here’s to show titles like tonight’s “1 man in a bra, 1 man in trouble”.

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