Reality Sex

By | March 18, 2008

It’s quite easy to write stories for the sort of glossy magazines which you see on the top shelf of newsagents. They have certain required elements, boxes to tick, genres that are allowable and those which are not.

Boy meets girl, boy fucks girl. Girl loves it up the arse without any mention of lube or the intense burning sensation of a first anal encounter …

I’ve actually tried to write for those magazines with a view to submitting stories just so I could say “published in”. However every time I’ve started a “story” I’ve given up. Why? Well not because it’s below me, but because I can’t actually bring myself to turn out the required verbiage in the appropriate number of words and contort my slightly wayward imagination to creative the wankable five-minute fiction that is required of me.

There’s nothing wrong with the stories that appear in jazz mags, I’d be a liar to deny using them myself. I just haven’t been able to write anything for them so far. I want my characters to have lives outside the story, off the page, even if it’s just subtle hints about their history, character and relationships. Whether I succeed in that you can decide, but there you go.

The depth of characters that I want to create is only one problem. The other is the impossibility of some of the scenarios that are depicted. I can’t describe sexual position, scenes, practices that I haven’t at least tried. Some of the acts described are obviously impossible, even if you haven’t attempted them. Some seem plausible but vary between individual, and from occasion to occasion.

Take last tonight.

It’s quite normal for Suze to play with herself while we’re making love. She’ll tweak her own nipples (or if there’s another set available those too) and she’ll play with her clitoris. Tonight something interesting happened. We were indulging in a little masturbation while watching porn. I was playing with my cock, she was using her Berman Alethia to stimulate herself.

Suze seemed on the verge of orgasm and I was hard and keen to feel myself inside her. I slide across the bed and between her legs while she continued to stimulate herself with the fingertip toy.

Logic would tell you that with her clit buzzing and me inside her an orgasm would follow with the strength of a raging bull. Er, no. Strangely the displacement of her anatomy by the act of my sliding my hard cock inside her seemed to reduce the effectiveness of an otherwise highly effective clitoral stimulator. Afterwards she described how she enjoyed the experience of being penetrated while still masturbating it wasn’t quite what she and I expected. That is an even more intense orgasm.

In fact she removed the Alethia from her finger and allowed me to screw her doggy while we watched a porn DVD. A great fuck but not what either of us had envisaged. Actually rather different for us because we don’t often make love while watching porn, We’re normally too involved in each other for that. Last night for some reason we felt bonded by a need to be naughty and watch another couple at it while we screwed. And it was amazing.

Suze insists I mention that my orgasm was red and gold.