The Scent Of A Woman

By | March 25, 2008

I first saw the advert about a month ago and since then have had to purchase the fragrance. The girl on the advertisement has me transfixed. Brunette, stunning and very, very sexy.

Of course I liked the fragrance too, which is why I bought it but that girl on the box captivates me.

It’s not often that I see someone and can’t get them out of my head but this girl is one such beauty. The last one for me was the girl from the Scottish Widows advertisements some years ago. Eventually I did find out her name, it was Amanda Lamb I discovered some years later.

But this girl eludes me. I have tried to find out who she is on the Internet without much success. It also annoys me immensely that this girls name isn’t more prominent. She’s the bloody face of a perfume which is going to earn Donna Karen a considerable fortune and I feel she has been pushed to one side.

Let’s find this girls name and give her some credit. If anyone knows who she is post her name in the comments on this post.

The fact that I certainly would has nothing to do with it of course. 😉

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