By | March 27, 2008

SuzeOver the past couple of days Suze has got me thinking. Which women do I actually find attractive? Or perhaps more specifically what type of woman do I find attractive?

It has to be women of course, because I’m straight. It would be nice to put myself in the position of being able to choose men I would sleep with but while I can appreciate a charming/well-groomed/intelligent/sexy guy for what they are I can’t apply the feelings that arise from the innate attraction that I have towards women.

When I look at or meet a woman the whole of my brain is active in deciding if I find her attractive. The emotional, intellectual and physical all play a part to dictate whether or not she pushes the right buttons for me. With a man I can understand why women might find an individual attractive because of his looks, mind or whatever, but I can’t feel the attraction.

That’s the problem with being heterosexual I suppose. It would be so easy to try and work it out, but then it would be an intellectual exercise and attraction is not a wholly intellectual thing. If it were we’d have no need for dating sites. You’d just feed your characteristics into a computer and find your perfect match instantly.

So I’m stuck with women LOL. Well I’d have to say that with a few exceptions I’d be fighting over the women Suze likes. I like a woman with character and strength, I don’t suffer the helpless damsel act, it makes me want to wretch. That doesn’t mean I have a problem with submissive women because they know what they want, to feel the hand of a dominant partner. What I do have a problem with is directionless girlyness.

Because of a series of rather unfortunate and life-changing events over the last couple of weeks, lusting after women has not been at the forefront of my mind. There is no list ladies I’m lusting after.

So if I were to have to choose a woman as the object of my desire I’d only have one answer at the moment.