Hot And Sweaty, Deep And Dirty

By | October 24, 2010

Venus 2010 black dressAnticipating I may pick up the odd toy or two I took my rucksack with me to the Venus Sexpo and how right I was.  I practically had people throwing them at me and those who didn’t want to send them on for review once they get back to the office.  Lucky me!  😉

My rucksack also came in handy for clothing extra to requirements…no I didn’t strip off you naughty minded people, I just went in a light cardigan as it was a little cool outside.  Honestly I leave you to your own imagination for a few days and look what happens.  Lol

The public halls were quite busy and hot and sticky in particularly the ones featuring the professional girls.  Guys would gather in vast groups blocking walkways while they held their mobile phones aloft trying to capture some footage to show their friends.

I would say the crowd there were predominantly male, about 80% as you would expect but some took along their girlfriends, whilst other girls went in groups.  There was a spread across all age ranges and social groups, in fact some of the visitors dressed more provocatively than the professionals.

You did have to fight your way through the hoards of blokes to get a pic of any of the girls there, who were very tolerant of the groping males they had to pose for mobile photos with.  One shot I am very happy we managed to catch the attention of the girl to take was the one already posted on here of the gorgeous Peaches.

She is such a natural beauty and looks jus as good off screen as she does in her DVD’s.  I would have liked to have chatted with her but she was being pulled from pillar to post attempting to keep her fans happy.

The show wasn’t as big as last year and in some ways was a bit disapointing, especially the fetish hall which we had both looked forward to visiting, hoping it would be bigger than last year.  Unfortunately it was smaller, there were hardly any stands in the hall – and no ponies, unlike last year.  🙁

Overall I think that the number of stands were down and the focal points had diminishes slightly with various genres not appearing, for example there were no gay related stands there at all that I saw this year.  However there were some new a additions, one of which had Alex laying on the floor between a naughty lady’s legs.  More later…