Susanna Makes Me Wet

By | April 7, 2008

Susanna ReidThe BBC has a history of employing good looking news readers. I can remember one of my earliest crushes was on Selina Scott, she had model looks and a figure to match and was selected to model fashion quite frequently for the Beeb.

I would find myself hooked to the television when she was on reading the news, not because I was particularly interested in the days breaking news but even at an early age I could certainly appreciate a good looking woman.

My next news reader crush was Fiona Bruce, boy was she horny. She has a glint in her eye and a slightly wild look about her. I get the feeling as I now watch her presenting Crime Watch that she could be a really dirty cow! Exciting and insatiable…oh, I’m going to have to stop it. 😉

I had a slight brush with Sophie Rayworth, she struck me as being the slightly reserved counterpart of Fiona. Demur and very much hiding her light under a bushel. I’m guessing you would have to be gentle and tender with Sophie.

By complete contrast comes Natasha Kaplinsky, she strikes me as being a woman who knows her own mind and goes out to get what she wants. I just wish it was me. I find her a complete sexual maelstrom and would love to spend a night in her company.

My next choice would be the delightful Sian Williams, mature, beautiful and easy going. I think you could probably easily win Sian over. *she says with a grin* And she more importantly she would be too polite to say anything to stop you. Well, we can live in hope.

And last but certainly not least…the brunette beauty Susanna Reid. I have spent many an unemployed afternoon thinking of her whilst playing with myself. She has a look and air about her that gets my juices flowing every time she appears on the screen. That’s her up there in the top left corner…

Oh, I just realised there are no men on my list. Shame, I will just have to make a separate list but I don’t think there will be as many on it. 😉

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