Music To Make Love To, Funk To Fuck To

By | November 23, 2010

WhiteIt’s impossible to pass through life and not be shaped by the influences around you. One of the most potent influences is Music. Music is inextricably linked to growing up. That’s when you listen to it most, in your formative years, the years when your hormones are surging and the character of your sexuality is forged in the furnace of adolescent lust.

Was that a warped metaphor, maybe.

Music does something at a very low and primal level to anyone listening to it. You may think you are listening to the lyrics but when it comes down to it you actually understand a series of sounds that are a combination of the words, melody and beat. That’s why rock music is so powerful and why, when rock’n’roll first appeared it was so opposed by the establishment. They understood that the music was potent and were afraid of it.

This is not about the drug culture primarily, though drugs are often associated with the creation and appreciation of music. It’s the recognition that music has the ability to stir up emotions and desires in a way that words on their own can’t. It moves people to feel things and do things that poetry, despite it’s undisputed power cannot.

Although the grey-haired opposition to rock music couldn’t fully appreciate the full implications of its emergence in the 1950s they knew it was something outside their control and that realisation scared the shit out of them.

Is there anyone who has not felt moved by music? Is there anyone who does not have a sexual experience associated with a particular piece of music – or indeed a sexual experience that would not have happened if they had not being listening to a particular track?