Waking Blow Job

By | December 2, 2010

BJMy waking dream this morning was pretty amazing.

I dreamt that Suze and I were working in a factory making some form of electrical devices. Don’t ask me what, it’s irrelevant. We were seated on what I could only describe as bar stools.

We were apparently being instructed on how to assemble these “things” by a supervisor for a while. Then he left and we started talking about how bored we were and how we both wished we could be doing something else.

We looked around and there was nobody else in the entire factory. It was by the way about the size of a football stadium, white and brightly lit. There were rows of benches identical to the ones we were seated at but with nobody working at them.

Suze slid off her chair and under the desk with a smile on her face. I looked down and saw her tugging at my trousers. She quickly freed my cock and sucked it hungrily into her mouth.

Now obviously in this dream I was worried the supervisor would come back in at any moment so kept looking around.

I wasn’t that concerned as Suze gives great blowjobs, in real life and in my dreams. This particular dream had obviously been triggered by the wonderful mouth action I was treated to last night.

Suze worked at my shaft, sucked my balls and teased me with her teeth. She jammed my cock as deep into her throat as it would go one minute then was nibbling at the end of it the next.

As I approached orgasm she swirled her tongue around the tip and worked the shaft with her hand. I could feel my orgasm beginning to rise …

Meow … meow … meow …

Scratch – scratch – scratch

It was at that point that the cat decided to attract my attention and therefore wake me up. For no reason other than he likes me to take him downstairs in the morning to make sure it’s safe to eat his food.

So the little bastard stopped me from having the most wonderful conclusion to a wet dream I can remember.

He’s not in my good books