Suze, A Cucumber And A Bit Of Sex Talk Please

By | May 4, 2008

Our site stats are always interesting. I love to see where we receive our visitors from and if possible make them feel welcome with a post which touches base with them.

Search strings are even funnier, you wouldn’t believe how some readers arrive at our site…or perhaps you would. Lol

For example here is a search string which appeared the other day “my nipples are always pert and my pussy s fragrant and ready for action”. Now you can’t get more precise than that, well perhaps you can.

Now this one sounds almost impossible, no wait I think it is “his cock entered her inverted nipple”. If anyone knows exactly what this search term means can they please enlighten me. Perhaps you were the one who entered it. 🙂

I think I will always marvel at some of the things people search for and find Alex and myself. I just hope when we get here they find something they like.

Unlike the Internet user who keeps arriving at this site from Now what could they be looking for… 😉

Maybe they were looking for this.

Tags: weird sexual practices, search terms, search engine results