Sex Slave In A Pet Cage

By | January 20, 2011

Tawse.comAlex and I try to keep our relationship alive and although due to external influences it can’t always be as exciting as we may like it doesn’t hurt to make a little bit of effort. We have the opportunity to explore new sexual avenues quite frequently via our toy testing which keeps the flames burning.

In addition we like to participate in the occasional bit of role play. I suppose you could call me a switch because I love to take control but at the same time love to submit to his desires from time to time. This frequently involves restraint or bondage and a little gentle spanking or light flogging. We don’t participate in anything which leaves marks afterwards would be a good way of describing how far we go.

I’m in to trying out different sensations and experiences but not pain. A coward I may be but that is where the buck stops for me, crossing the line and actually inflicting pain on Alex wouldn’t turn either Alex or myself on.

We also occasionally dress up as part of our roleplay which adds to the experience but not quite in the same way some do.

For example there seems to be a lot of interest at the moment in pet play where you pretend to be a dog for example. You can measure how popular it is becoming by the number of mainstream tabloids who have covered this very subject.

One such story is being carried by the Metro, Cutie is a 38 year old media professional who’s real name is Debbie. At first I wondered why she should want to be paraded in the national press and then it became apparent as I read on. Her partner runs a fetish academy who specialise in pony play and maid schooling. I quite like the idea of becoming a maid. 😉

You can check them out here and don’t forget to tell them Suze sent you. Lol