Oooh More Nipples

By | February 2, 2011

I’ve just read that Rhianna’s habit of wearing underwear as outwear is causing lots of women to copy her with an added benefit for the manufacturers of a related but until now less popular piece of feminine wear – nipple covers.

If you ask me it’s all getting a bit silly, if underwear is so sheer that you can see nipples through it then it’s meant to be worn under clothes. Nice as it might be to see your lover clad in semi-transparent clothing in the bedroom outside is a different matter. I’m not being prudish, just practical. Wearing one piece of clothing that is not really fit for the purpose or situation and having to accommodate its deficiencies with accessories seems daft to me.

Ladies, keep the naughty nipple reveals for private. I for one like to see a woman dressed to tease but with plenty covered for an intimate reveal later. I’m more likely to want to undress you later if you hold something back for now.

And as it’s below zero outside now really isn’t the time anyway. LOL