A Million Filthy Moments

By | February 8, 2011

Never being a very good keeper of diaries in the past this blogs has changed me quite a lot. I often come across posts that remind me of what we were up to in the last five or six years and that is a new experience for me because my memories prvious to that are often out of context. Unless they are linked to a specific and identifiable event I often remember doing something and not exactly when.

But like I say now I know exactly what we were up to and when it was. Take this post for example.

Not only to I know when this was but it also illustrates how my life has turned from just open minded to accepting filth and naughtiness in my everyday life.

On the subject of which later today we’ll be getting very filthy with Tanya Hyde and the team in London. Now that is an experience I will not be forgetting.