BBC Sex Scandal

By | May 24, 2008

Bearing in mind that the only viewing of television I get apart from the odd bit of evening entertainment including the must view Apprentice series running currently on BBC1 is the morning and evening news, I do find it entertaining. I know that sounds a little boring but when I get home from work I’m either involved in writing daily posts for the site or reviews and having sex of course!

This leaves little time to watch television and really that is no big loss because I don’t want to watch most of the crap on there anyway. It does however leave me at a bit of a disadvantage at work…the conversation occasionally moves round to “Did you watch…” and I have to say “No” and then I find myself hunting for exactly what I was doing and making up why I didn’t see that “gripping” crappy series on television. Lol

My mind is on other things…SEX, for one thing.

I did start to thing of a pornographic film plot for some of the presenters of the early morning news though. Lol

I was imagining Bill Turnbull fucking Susanah Reed whilst I play with her clit and watch them both. Then I get interrupted by Sian Williams who wants me to finger her, very demanding she is. Lol Bill is really going for it and I’m now approached by Fiona Bruce…grrrr! She is one horny bitch.

Then out of shot came Carol Kirkwood with her weather slot and her ample chest, I persuaded her to hurry her weather forecast, remove her bra and rest her ample boobs on my face.

And you don’t want to know what Fiona did to me.

I know this is just me dreaming but hey, what a dream…