Tight Jeans

By | May 24, 2008

When is it acceptable to stare at a woman’s arse?

I was at a client yesterday and one of their male staff was apparently staring at the backside of one of the female staff. Not glancing, staring. Not attempting to make out it was anything other than a full-on letch by someone who was old enough to be the girl’s father. Just watching intently.

Appreciating a woman’s body is one thing but to stand watching in a rather creepy way (as he apparently did) …

Funny isn’t it, for whatever reason, maybe the type of person he is (not the most popular in the office for a number of reasons) I find his conduct repugnant. Yet I look at porn all day.

It’s all down to consent again I suppose, she didn’t consent to be ogled, she wasn’t dressed provocatively and therefore “gagging for it”. It’s the “Eeeeewww! What’s going through his mind?” that is the problem here I suppose.

Double standards? Hypocrisy on my part? I hope not. If someone willing puts themselves in a position to be ogled and I ogle them then it’s different from this situation.