Lick My Clit Fuck My G-spot

By | March 1, 2011

The other night in bed my nipples were so sensitive that just by Alex gently rolling them in his hand I was on the border between pleasure and pain.  They weren’t so sensitive that it was discomforting to have him play with me but they were pulsing as my nerve endings fired with each roll.  It was quite exciting and arousing actually and when he sucked on them it felt like small firecrackers were exploding in each hard bud.

As he licked and sucked my hard nipples his hand slipped between my legs and I let him run his fingers over my clit.  He withdrew his hand from under the quilt and licked his fingers giving me a horny smile, a twinkle of devilishness in his eyes.

I smiled and released an encouraging moan as he ran his fingers over my clit, wetting me.  His fingers felt cold but wanted.  Oh how they were wanted.  As he moved across the my hood I flinched with excitement, every motion seemed to be amplified and arousing.  I was so ready for it.

My clit is normally sensitive but not quite to the degree I was experiencing, this was different and I liked it.  As Alex started to roll my clit from side to side under his fingers I could feel my orgasm creeping up on me.  My toes were tingling as were my fingers and my pelvic girdle was resonating with electrical impulses.

I tilted my hips bringing my clit closer to him, wanting him to rub one out for me.  My toes curled and I knew what happens next.  I suspended my breathing as I centred on my clitoral orgasm, a totally involuntary action.  My face felt flushed, my heart was beating rapidly in my chest and then…

Alex turned his head to watch me as I lay in my moist post orgasmic haze.  I smiled at him and felt his hand part my legs as he rose up above me taking his place between my legs.  His cock plunged my depths and filled me with hot hard flesh.

As he withdrew I felt the tip of his cock glide over my g-spot and it prompted a response as the stimulation was so intense.  Just like my clitoris earlier, my g-spot felt more heightened than usual.  Alex said that my g-spot seemed to be more swollen than normal, he could feel himself rubbing against me, confirming that there seems to be a link between the clitoris and the g-spot.

He fucked me senseless but when I came round I found I had a thirst to know if the clitoris and g-spot are related in some way.  There has to be a link…