Big And Bouncy

By | March 2, 2011

I like my women curvy I always have, for me curvy means feminine not matter how the media and fashion world try to tell us otherwise.  Nothing feels better than snuggling in to an ample breast or cupping and squeezing a shapely ass.

Women should be soft and cuddly without the prominence of bone and it appears that guys are beginning to say the same thing.

Research carried out by Dr Platek from Georgia Gwinnett College in the USA have studied the brains fo 14 young men before and after ogling pictureds of naked women who had undergone plastic surgery to increase their hip and bottom sizes.

Their findings revealed that the sight of the curvier women’s images triggered the brains “reward centres” which are more commonly activated by alcohol and drugs.  And they point out that the study could lead the way to understanding pornography addictions.

Historically we have always attributed the tendency for a male to select a partner with wide hips down to the likelihood that she will produce healthy offspring.  But could there be more in it?