Sharing With Busty

By | June 9, 2008

I wrote the other day about the perils of menstruation and the associated problems of trying to keep it all to yourself.

Generally if you work in a mixed gender office you try to be as discreet as you can about being “On”. Apart from Busty in the office who I mentioned has no problem leaving tampons scattered on her “In” tray. Lol

The rest of us try to be more secretive.

I forgot to mention that we all have our little pouches for keeping our tampons safe and clean in the toilet. Mine is a little black lurex wallet with a zip and there are other ranging from hard cases to Tesco carrier bags. 🙂

Yes, there is a girl who unlike the rest of us who just have a purse with a couple of tampons ready to use, takes in a box of 40 Tampax in a carrier bag. It makes me laugh every time she does it, I think I know who it is and she is a very straight forward, no frills girl, which I suppose figures.

I went to the toilet to change mine the other day, opened my pouch and found an unfamiliar tampon in there. Not one of my usuals…Busty must have replaced one. I unwrapped it, threw the packaging down the toilet, inserted and flushed.

As I pulled up my trousers I checked that everything had flushed as you do. In the bottom of the toilet floating around was the white wrapper with butterflies emblazoned on it floating on the top of the water.

I waited inside the cubicle for the system to fill and gave it one more flush. BASTARD! The bloody thing would not flush. Who the hell comes up with the idea of creating an unflushable sleeve for these tampons…they want shooting.

In the end I had to pick the wrapper out of the toilet, wrap it up in toilet paper and flush again. This time I watched it disappear round the u-bend, much to my relief.

Has anyone any idea which brand of tampons these are because I am going to avoid them like the plague. Lol