Sex Is Sex Whatever The Language

By | June 27, 2008

It occurred to me as I looked over our stats that pictures can convey a message across the virtual universe. The message if made clear and not requiring to translation requires no written explanation at all. Although some cultures do interpret images slightly different to the western world in general.

Then I realised just how many readers we have from foreign climes, this is evident from the number of Google translators used to read our page. It makes me happy to know that I am not just being read by my fellow English speaking naughties but by others too. These include Spain, Egypt, Germany and Lybia to name just a few.

So if you like naughtiness in itself is a universal language which brings us together. 😉 Oohh, I love a bit of porn, porn, yes porn…Sorry I turned in to the woman from Little Britain who runs fat fighters, Marjorie Dawes. Lol