Cool Scents On Hot Dates

By | May 14, 2011

PurpleI was channel surfing the other night when I came across Red Dragon on one of the satellite channels. I’ve not seen the film, but stopped because it was one of the scenes with Anthony Hopkins and Ed Norton, and indulged myself for a moment. I haven’t seen the whole film but like both actors so I took in some of the dialogue.

Hannibal did his usual olfactory detective work and pointed out to Ed’s character that his aftershave had “… a ship on the bottle …”. While being a bit corny that is an evocative statement because everyone knows which aftershave he is referring to. My father used to have a bottle, the metal ring at the top going rusty in the bathroom cabinet as he switched to the far more trendy Blue Stratos. LOL

It’s the little things that often remind us of our past loves and infatuations too.

I remember my first real infatuation always wore a stripy pullover when she came to call for me. I used to think it looked really great and was one of the things I liked about her. Well we were only nine!

The first kiss that I can clearly recollect with a girl is dominated by the taste of cherry squash that she had just been drinking.

First time I managed to get a girl’s top off I can remember most clearly her tiny dark brown nipples on AA breasts. Which was a real thrill after imagining what they looked like through Lycra gym kit.

And what little thing do I remember about first undressing Suze, and slipping her out of a blouse and tight skirt? Well, she has a cute little mole right  … Ha! You’ll have to guess 😛