Lube It Up Baby ;)

By | May 24, 2011

Wet boobsI’m not a lover of silicone lubricant because it can’t be used with most of my silicone toys because it could degrade them or at worse melt them.

Don’t get me wrong in the right situation silicone lubricant has its part to play, for example it’s a good one to use in water or for long lasting lubrication but I have other uses for mine.

Last year I decided to try and liven up my plastic patio table.  We have had it for quite a few years now and the shine has long gone.  One sunny afternoon I had a bright idea and decided to try applying my lube to the table to see if it would replace the long lost shine.

A few minutes later I was buffing up my table with a soft cloth and it looked marvellous.  I recommend you give it a try after spot testing it, don’t want you to melt your tables.  Lol

I’ve now added to the silicone lubricant’s applications.  Alex spent some time tightening and replacing screws in our wooden framed bed.  Wear and tear had caused the bed to make a right racket when we were shagging.  It was really off putting as you couldn’t hear the moans for the creaks and squeaks.  😉

Once Alex had applied some new screws and tightened the good ones up it still creaked like crazy so I suggested that he should apply a few drops of my lube to the joints.  After all anything was worth a try to subdue the bloody noise.

And it worked!  When we screwed later that evening the bed was almost silent.  Another good use for my lube.  I’ll keep you posted of any new ones, or perhaps you have some to share with me.