First Fuck In Tuscany

By | June 19, 2011

Tuscan SunsetI’m writing this on Sunday 12th June, or Dominica as they say in Italy. I’m sat by the pool at the villa we’ve rented looking out over the Chianti region of Tuscany and wondering why we didn’t book two weeks, a month or maybe perhaps the rest of our lives. The family who own the villa are very friendly and have even invited us to the party to celebrate their son’s first communion this evening.

But I wanted to tell you what happened last night. After having a great deal of fun finding a restaurant and returning home to the Villa well after nightfall we were pretty tired. In fact having been on the go since 04:00 and it being almost midnight we were ready for bed. But first I had something else in mind. I told Suze to wait as we entered the kitchen and not to go upstairs. She harrumphed a little as she wanted to get horizontal.

When I’d locked the door and put on the small lamp in the living area I grabbed her and pressed myself against her, kissing her on the lips and pushing my tongue into her mouth. She felt the hardness of my cock in my shorts and realised I could not wait to get upstairs. Her hand grabbed me through the light fabric and explored the length of me.  “You dirty boy!” she said and with that she unbuckled my belt and unfastened my shorts. They dropped to mid thigh and exclaimed “No underwear, that’s filthy!”  She was grinning from ear to ear. She worked my shaft with her hand, the hot sweet drops of precum making the end sparkle in the light from the lamp.

I lifted up her skirt and tugged her panties down to the top of her thighs. She released my cock for a moment and  removed them, kicking them across the floor. I turned her around and bent her across one of the two sofas in the living area. I grabbed her dress and lifted it above her waist to reveal her buttocks and pouting pussy lips peeking out. They were swelling and already a little moist if the rich aroma wafting from them was any guide. Suze braced herself by grabbing one of the sofa arms and I had my evil way with her.

My thick, throbbing cock slid inside easily, Suze’s pussy was swollen with blood too but running with her fluids so we both gasped at the intensity and tightness of the first wet thrust. I started to fuck her as slowly as my self control would allow. Suze had to adjust her feet to give herself more stability but we soon had the hang of it and with her grasping firmly onto the sofa, bracing her thighs against the back and me with my right hand on her shoulder and left on her waist I fucked her remorselessly.

She moaned and groaned with each deep, powerful thrust though I was only vaguely aware of it because I was submerged in my own world of sexual, sensory pleasure. Suze came pretty quickly and then twice more in what must have been only six or seven minutes. I edged for a while, readying myself for the last few thrusts then unleashed a stream of cum into her pussy, my cock becoming more and more sensitive with each get of sticky fluid.

I went upstairs first with my shorts in my hand and Suze followed, later telling my that she was watching my cock and balls from behind. She’s a dirty cow.

It was only the next morning that I noticed my dark blue shorts were spattered with the dried evidence of what happened the night before.

As holidays go this was turning into a good one.