Girls Hunting For Big Cocks?

By | June 23, 2011

Silly Cum ShotNot difficult – All of them, I’d venture, like a reasonable sized portion. Of course dependant on a girls own dimensions and personal taste the cock of her dreams doesn’t have to be huge, but for every woman there is an ideal size of cock and one would have to say that for every cock there is an ideal size pussy.

Although a lot of women do joke about wanting a larger man to satisfy them I know for a fact that there are some men who are cursed with incredibly large penises. Being penetrated by a very large penis can be uncomfortable for many women. Luckily mine is just big enough to make Suze gasp occasionally. Evil Grin.

The reason I mention it is that Suze today posed the question “How do they measure TV audiences since video, DVD-R and HD video recorders?” How indeed, I haven’t a clue as surely with all that and online streaming of programmes such as iPlayer and Virgin’s VoD the audience for a programme can be spread out over days or weeks.

The same applies to cocks. How do you measure one.

First of all there’s hard or soft. Well both measurements count, after all a large soft cock can be impressive. But soft is very misleading as it’s affected by temperature and is often disproportionate to the erect size of a penis. Hard is therefore a better absolute measure.

Then there is the question of where to measure from. I’d say the base of the shaft on the pubic bone (the bone at the bottom of your abdomen at the penis’s base) to the tip. Not around the tip but where a line forming a tangent to the tip of your cock forms a right angle with a straight line drawn from the base of your penis, parallel to the shaft.

I’m being pedantic about this because I’ve seen people claiming to have monstrously long cocks, only to mention that they are measuring from the perineum – behind the scrotum. If I did that I’d have 12 inches. NOT!

Like I said earlier though. If you have enough you have enough. And having too much can spell the end of a relationship too. So don’t take any notice of people who show off about how huge they are.

Here are a few cock facts:

· Men are (on the whole) horribly insecure about their cock size. Often with no reason.

· The vast majority of men fall into the middle range of perfectly normal sizes. They are all capable of satisfying a woman.

· Men with extremely large cocks can have trouble with erections. John Holmes, whose penis was monstrous was apparently in this group. Yes, in his later life cocaine had impaired his ability to get an erection but apparently even before that there wasn’t enough blood to go around. As Robin Williams says “Why is it men only have enough blood to operate their brains or their penises, not both at the same time?”

· Everyone else has a quick fiddle before stripping off for the showers after football so they’re a little bit bigger than they might otherwise be. Don’t be fooled.

Not very scientific, but all true.

So while all women like their cock, it doesn’t have to be huge. In fact huge is often not quite what they want.