Wayward Boobs!

By | July 22, 2008

Chloe MadeleyThere seems to be a bit of a theme running through my posts at the moment. I won’t apologise, I know you like them too.

You may be familiar with Richard & Judy the chatshow hosts from Channel 4. For those of you who are not familiar with them, they are a husband and wife team with journalistic backgrounds.

Richard is Judy’s toyboy, I believe he is 9 years younger than her. The dirty cow! I like her. 😉 They both work well together presenting, with Richard sometimes being a little more sharp witted than Judy which gives you a sense of his fun side. Whereas Judy can be a little old fashioned and stayed. Which I suppose gives them a nice balance.

Judy is probably most memorable for her appearance alongside hubby Richard in 2000 at the National TV Awards when her jacket popped open. She continued to talk and reveal her ample bosom held in place by her lace bra. The audience’s reaction then alerted Richard who looked down and promptly gathered her back up again.

They both handled the moment admirably and continued on as if nothing had happened. The next day of course all the papers were talking about it and Judy’s ample boobage.

I’m giving you this bit of background because I discovered that they have a daughter “Chloe” who has just modelled for FHM mens magazine. She is a hottie at just 21 years of age, mousy haired, leggy and blessed with her mothers assets.

It seems kind of strange that her mum hasn’t tried to put a stop to her glamour modelling because she does seem quite fusty at times but I suppose Richard’s influence won her over. He seems to be very modern and forward thinking.

I wish Chloe every success she is a good looking girl I’m sure with a bright future ahead of her.