Half Naked Girls In The Bar

By | September 3, 2011

Big D Nuts Anyone?

In these days of sexual equality we all have to be careful what we say and do, particularly in the work place. Although I do feel sometimes that we women want to have our cake and eat it, we want to be treated equally but still expect a man to help us with heavy packages and open doors.

At work we have to be careful which screen savers we load for fear of upsetting someone. Office calendars have to be sensitive to the female co-workers. And girlie mags are certainly not allowed anymore.

Garages used to be awash with Pirelli calendars featuring some of the worlds most beautiful girls and became collectors items as a result of the stunning pictures. Nowadays you never see a pinup calendar in the reception of the garage, instead you will find a coffee table with the latest women’s magazines placed upon them.

In a way I’m all for the clean up I suppose many women would feel threatened by the airbrushed imagery. I imagine that it could make a woman feel a little intimated and unnerved to see girls being flaunted as sex objects in a place they have to frequent.

The 70’s were probably the most prolific years for this objectivity, with the likes of Benny Hill and others making women into bimbos for their male counterparts amusement. Oh how times have changed.

Or have they? There are still small corners of the world where time has stood still and you are allowed or it is acceptable to portray women as sex objects.

And that is the humble British pub. Not the large chains but the small backwater pub.

The image above is one of the “Big D Nuts” ladies. For those unfamiliar with the concept, women like her are featured on cardboard backgrounds holding packs of nuts. The idea being that the punter will purchase lots of bags of nuts so that he can have her image slowly revealed. I’m not sure if you can choose where the bartender takes the packs from as I have never bought a pack.

But I’m sure they try to remove the ones from the middle first by coercing the barman in to action. 😉 What a fantastic sales technique, semi naked ladies and salty nuts…