Cumming For A Living

By | November 9, 2011

StockingsIt’s difficult to know how to assess people’s reactions to our chosen career path outside the industry. Luckily that’s not something that we chose to do and something that we haven’t had to do so far.

The only people who we meet face-to-face in the context of adult blogging, sex toys and porn are people already in the adult industry. They are of course totally un-phased by our activities and on the whole we all get along very well. Porn is a business like any other business and those people who are in it are business-like when they need to be and can be good friends when we all let our hair down.

Because we choose not to “reveal” ourselves to the public and those near to us we have a certain amount of freedom of expression on this site and the others we write, such as Sex Toys Buzz, with having to temper what we say for fear of revealing something that our friends and family may find unpalatable. No need for fabricated life stories or false chumminess with people we really don’t care to pander to.

Of course this freedom means that we are to a certain extent trapped because we can’t talk to the people nearest to us about the stuff we get up to. We have some very interesting conversations with parents about the clients we’ve seen, dancing around the delicate subject of exactly what the client actually does. LOL

So we temper that by enjoying our schoolboy/schoolgirl giggles when we visit sex stores or hear people talking about sex and asking some of the most basic questions about sex and sex toys that are second nature to us.

It’s like the old chestnut about men needing a map to find the clitoris. We’re always a few words away from giving someone advice that would make them wonder exactly how we know so much about the new sex toy they have in their hand and why we just offered the advice to total strangers.

So if you see a couple watching you in a store when you’re selecting a sex toy they aren’t completely weird, just fighting the urge to come over and help you pick your next tool of orgasmic bliss.