Katy Perry And Golden Showers

By | December 2, 2011

Katy Perry BoobsI went shopping to the mall with Alex’s mum today and had a most enjoyable day.  It was nice not feeling like I had to hurry because my partner was eager to get off.

Instead we both spent a leisurely day wandering up and down the isles at the mall selecting Christmas gifts with a few thrown in for ourselves.

The days shopping was punctuated by a brief stop for lunch at M & S where we had a pot of tea and sandwich and the most deliciously naughty pastry.  It looked so rich we decided to share one between us and I wished I had taken the brave step to have one all to myself when I bit into it.

I don’t usually enthuse about desserts being more of a savoury person but this one bears a mention.  Let me describe it as best I can to you.  It was an oblong shortbread case deep filled with a deliciously sticky toffee filling.

When you bit in to it and removed it from between your lips you got a sticky toffee trail.  You get the picture.  If you are passing M & S over the next few days I strongly recommend you try one.  I’ll now be spending the next week in the gym working it off.  Lol

But the most amusing aspect of our trip was when I went to take a pee.  I was squatting over the seat trying not to make contact with the plastic rim when I heard the distant sound of Katy Perry.  I looked up and around for the speakers believing that they must have upgraded the public conveniences in the mall.

Then I heard the music stop and someone say “hello, I’m just in the toilet, can I call you back in a minute?”.  Charming I thought as I thought about the million and one bugs her phone would now be covered in.  Nice…  lol