Sexy Red, Red Lights

By | December 30, 2011

Neon light has only existed as a commercially available product for around 100 years and yet it forms part of our collective psyche. Its primary function is to advertise and in this age of rampant commercialism the only reason that it does not still appear on every shop front in the world is its high cost and inflexible nature relative to new forms of advertising hording.

Neons take a lot of time and skill to produce, each one is unique, but they have one thing in common, they evoke strong memories in all of us. Take the centre of Tokyo, Piccadilly Circus in London or bustling parts of any other city for that matter. At one time or another they have contained huge advertisements composed of neon signs. In films you see them from the street, or more subtly you might see the light of them illuminating the interior of a seedy hotel room through grubby windows.

If you haven’t actually done it haven’t you must have thought about having sex in a room illuminated by the light of the advertising board outside. The red-orange glow washing over your bodies as you bump and grind, heat rising, the glistening sweat on your skin emphasised by the warm glow.


Just me then. LOL