A Hand In My Pants

By | September 25, 2008

In Memory Of Clit Orgasms

I should have called this post you never know what you got until it is gone. It seems like forever since I lost power in my Alethia clit vibe. The period of morning is now over and all I feel now is a deep sense of loss.

I’ve tried to use my other toys but they simply aren’t the same as my Alethia, it was quiet, compact and hit the spot every time. Although my toothbrush ones can do the trick I find them to be a bit noisy, electric toothbrushes just don’t know how to be quiet do they. Lol

Somehow I feel incomplete without my little orgasmic companion. Fingers take far longer to achieve the “result” and are more labour intensive and at the moment I’m full of cold and for the easy life. Plus they don’t tend to vibrate either.

Thing is I can’t afford to replace Alethia but I have found a more price conscious copy of her and I’m thinking about treating myself soon. This clitoral orgasm famine cannot go on any longer and it would be an investment in my wellbeing.

Are you starting to think that I’m talking myself in to this one…you may just be right.

Now which page did I see it on. 😉