Hump It Or Dump It?

By | April 11, 2014

Leaf Life VibratorI have so many products sent out to me for testing that every now and then I have to do a sex toy regroup and decide which products stay and which go.  And because of the limited space in my house I have to firstly dispose of “MK 1s”because they are the most obvious sacrificial sex toys I possess. By which I mean any original version of sex toys that have been superseded by newer designs.

Any successors are perfectly safe and stay in the toy box because they tend to retain the features of the original but also add to them. That makes which of those to throw away an easy decision.

The next choice to be made is, how effective was the product? Because I tend to retain the most effective items for obvious reasons. This can be the most expensive, but not always.

Then there’s the march of progress having an effect because as time goes by and adult toys improve the goal posts move so this is always in flux.

Which, incidentally, is another reason for me not marking on a 1-10 scale how good a product is because I would be constantly having to re-review previous toy reviews to keep them in line with current scoring.  A mission impossible. It’s like comparing a mobile phone of 1990 with one today, at the time they might have been the pinnacle of technology but in comparison with today’s models they can look primitive.

This time round I managed to dispose of 5 full bin liners of surplus sex toys.

These were loaded in to the back of the car along with other stuff from a garage clearout ready for the local council dump.

Given that there’s no designated area for “sex toys” I decided that they probably slotted in to the “General Waste” section.

We pulled in to the “dump-it” site the car being quite close to the areas of dumpage, a good position to start from.  Lol This means you don’t have to haul your rubbish over a car park and on towards your designated area.

Not that I really care because Alex being a gentleman was unloading the car while I waited inside. I was quite happy with this as it didn’t involve me being directly involved with the council employees and the risk of being “exposed” when they ask…

…”What have you got in your bags?”

I’m such a coward.  Lol. I know some sites open every single bag and rummage through the contents to ensure that recyclable waste is not being dumped in the “mixed waste” containers and that industrial or hazardous waste doesn’t get passed off as landfill.

It was easier to leave Alex and his cool composure to deal with that question.  I would have cracked, I’m no good with that kind of situation.  Hence me sitting in the car.

I held my breath as he unloaded the first bags from the boot of the car.  I then sat rigid in my seat as Alex continued to unload our weaponry.  With baited breath I sat relieved as each bag left the car seemingly unchallenged.

Then finally, Alex joined me in the car.

I asked him if he had been challenged regarding his “waste” and he said that one of the guys had asked him to open his bag during unloading.  Fortunately, this was one bag before the real payload.

Oooh, that was such a relief!